Abstracts LymphForsch 1/2020

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COVID-19: Impact and issues affecting lymphedema management

E. Brenner
LymphForsch 24 (1) 2020;6-10

This article describes the influence of COVID-19 on the development of lymphedema. It summarizes the specific pandemic-related recommendations for patients with lymphedema published by the different medical associations. For example, key phlebological and lymphological societies have published a consensus paper in which they have agreed to a Venous and Lymphatic Triage and Acuity Scale (VELTAS), in which triage urgency for venous and lymphatic disorders is classified into four categories: 1) Medical Emergencies, requiring immediate attendance, 2) Urgent, to be seen as soon as possible, 3) Semi-urgent, to be attended to within 30 to 90 days, and 4) Discretionary/Non-urgent, to be seen within 6 to 12 months.

COVID-19, lymphedema, recommendations of medical associations, Venous and Lymphatic Triage and Acuity Scale (VELTAS)
E-mail: Erich.Brenner@i-med.ac.at

Measuring our words – We need to stop our sloppy use of lymphology Terminology

H. Zöltzer
LymphForsch 24 (1) 2020;11-13

At conferences, as well as in the literature for both health professionals and patients, the lymphology nomenclature is often used inaccurately or is even completely ignored. As a result, the improper use of some specialized terms reveals the user’s failure to understand the context and/or meaning of the term. The terms “lymphatic capillary”, “lipid metabolism” and “liposuction” are very commonly misused, for example. We should endeavor to put an end to this practice and make an effort to use our specialized terminology correctly.

Nomenclature, lymphology terminology, specialist literature, lay literature, conference lectures
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Pictograms: A new visual aid for lymphology education

W. Schmeller, I. Meier-Vollrath, A. Baumgartner
LymphForsch 24 (1) 2020;14-16

Pictograms consisting of four shapes (rectangle, circle, wave and straight line) can be used to visually depict all relevant lymphatic disorders quickly and reliably. Pictograms may be used as a visual aid for teaching.

Pictogram, lymphology, visual aid, teaching method
E-mail: ws@hanse-klinik.com

Munich Lipedema Score (MLS) – Clinical standards for confirming diagnosis of stage 1 to 3 lipedema

D. von Lukowicz, A.-T. Lipp
LymphForsch 24 (1) 2020;17-20

The current political discussion in Germany on the assumption of costs for lipedema surgery by the statutory health insurance providers is a driving factor for improving diagnostics and is essential for demand-oriented clinical care of patients. The Munich Lipedema Score (MLS) is based on extensive expertise and clinical experience and takes into account the most important clinical factors, as well as patient history and ultrasound findings. The MLS factors in these criteria and considers relevant secondary diseases, which helps improve and standardize diagnostic confirmation of lipedema.

Lipedema, confirming diagnosis of lipedema, Munich Lipedema Score
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