Lymphedema – Diagnosis and Therapy

Fourth edition, completely revised and expanded.
Featuring 248 mostly color illustrations and 85 tables
Horst Weissleder and Christian Schuchhardt (eds.)

ISBN-10 3-934371-38-8
ISBN-13 978-3-934371-38-5
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Treating lymphedema poses a huge challenge for the physician or lymphedema therapist. Early diagnosis and rigorous decongestive therapy can often prevent the progression of lymphedema, which is generally a chronic disease. This practical and application-oriented book aims to contribute to the proper classification and successful treatment of lymphostatic edema and its combined forms.
Within just a few years, the "green book" has become a highly respected standard reference work on lymphology for physicians and lymph drainage therapists. In this fourth edition, every chapter has been updated to reflect the latest findings in anatomy, diagnostics and treatment. The text sections have been extensively expanded and upgraded, incorporating the results of the most recently published international literature. A large number of new figures, illustrations, tables and graphics have been added. The fourth English edition is a further update and enlargement of its German counterpart and contains an additional chapter on bioimpedance.